1. Survey of Researches in Plant Nematology

2. Recent Advances in Nematology

3. Integrated Pest Management

4. New Approaches in Agricultural Technology in 2 volumes

5. Survey of Researches in Life Sciences in 4 volumes

6. Biotechnology in India

7. Agriculture in New Millennium

8. Biology of Reproduction in Angiosperms

9. Chlorococcales (Algae)

10. Agricultural Economy of India

11. Cancer-A cytogenetic and Molecular approach

12. Ganga Aur Manav

13. Environmental Pollution

14. Kriskon Ke Gupt Shatru-Padap Gol Krimi : Samasya Ewam Samadhan

15. Mashroom Ki Kheti

16. Santati Niyantran

17. Agriculture in 21st Century

18. Genhu, Dhan, Makka, Ganna, Chukandar, Sabji, Dalhan, Tilhan, Phool Ki Adhunic Kheti, Adhunik Jal Krishi, Adhunik Vaniki, Barani Chetro Me Krishi Ki Sambhavanai, Podina Ki Adhunik Kheti, Masala Ki Kheti, Lakh ki Adhunik Kheti, Jaiv Prodyogiki, Bionema etc.

19. Bibliography Series I-Biological Control of nematodes

20. Bibliography Series II-Control of root-knot disease by organic amendment

21. Bibliography Series III-Ecology of Phytonematodes

22. Bibliography on Botanicals for the Management of Phytopathogens

23. Krishi Vigyan Darpan

24. Kalam Drishti aur Bioved

25. Bioved-Ek- Adhyan

26. Bionema

27. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Angiospermic Flora in Tropical Forest of Madhya Pradesh

28. Audhunik Jal Krishi

29. Biomanagment Strategy of Plant Pathogens

30. Ausadhiya Evam Sagandhiya Paudhon Ki Kheti

31. A hand Book of Plant Nematology

32. Bioved Survey of Indian Agriculture - 2007

33. Bioved Survey of Indian Agriculture - 2009


Society confers Hon. Fellowship, Fellowship, Young Scientist, Young Scientist Associate Award, Scientist of the Year Award and Best paper presentation Award, Distinguished Service Award, Best Farmer Award, Best Products Promoter Award, Bioved Best Journalist Award, Bioved Environment Conservation Award, Bioved Merit Award, Best Publication Award, Bioved Ratna Award and Biopesticide Innovation Award. Raghunathi Devi Medal, Dr. R.N. Dwivedi Medal, Dr. M.R. Siddiqi Medal, Mr. B.P. Gupt Medal, Dr. S.L. Misra Memorial Medal, Dr. S.R. Bhargava Medal, Dr. S.Z. Qasim Medal, Dr. J.C. Edward Medal, Kalawati Devi Medal, Dr. R.S. Paroda Medal and Dr. M.M. Alam Medal to leading researchers of the country and abroad in annual National Congress to honour the expertise and notable contribution related to science and strengthening the scientific base of the country. The society has awarded 750 researchers for their out standing contribution in different fields of Agriculture and Sciences till today


Society publishes three International, bi-annual Journals namely `Bioved' dealing with biological advances. `Current Nematology' exclusively dealing with plant and animal parasitic nematodes and `New Agriculturist' devoted to advances in Agricultural Sciences. 23 volumes of each Journal have been published. All three Journals are being listed in NAAS rating. It is a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction that all three international Journals `Bioved', `Current Nematology' and `New Agriculturist' have been accepted for abstracting and indexing by CAB international abstracting unit, U.K. (CAB International is an inter Government organisation providing information, scientific and development services for agriculture and allied disciplines throughout the world. CAB international currently scans about 12,000 scientific and technical Journals for coverage in its online data base CAB abstract and printed Abstract Journals. In addition the information is also published in over 40 printed Abstract Journals which are taken by over 10,000 subscribing institutions worldwide).